Why Science Books for First Graders?

By David W. Crump

Young children are naturally curious. At First Grade, their language skills and conceptual skills are still emerging but their hunger for knowledge is amazing. Real science, particularly earth science is a very strong topic that attracts engagement (repeated, self-driven use) of the children. Their natural curiosity is driven by their desire to understand the world around them. A First Grader is in the sweet spot of “Wonder” – you can ignite a lifelong interest in science at this age. By late in Elementary school (Fourth & Fifth Grade), “wonder” is waning and it can be too late. This convergence of both peak “Wonder” and emerging reading skills makes age appropriate science books so important for First Graders.

A First Grader is a new student, an emerging reader and a new science discoverer. You can overload them. The goal is not to create an encyclopedia but an overview and sampler of a particular science subject. “Fun Facts” that are real and interesting science. You are getting them started on their journey and encouraging them to learn more.